The Miracle on 34th Street Remembered

Me and Weston on his 7th Birthday.

People cross paths for a reason in life. I’m not a believer in coincident, not after all of the perfectly orchestrated moments of fate that I have seen strung together over the past 25 years.

Weston Keeton crossed my path of life when I least expected it, but when I needed it most. This kid knew how to make the most of every day of his life, even if he spent most of it in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. When visiting him while he awaited a heart and double lung transplant, one would forget you were in a hospital. Besides the beeping machines and tangled wires, a visit was spent with cartoons, video games, junk food and friends. He brought together people from different walks of life, and inspired others to preserve in his struggles. The beauty of it was he had no idea he was doing all of this, he was just living. 

Weston’s hospital was located on 34th Street in Philadelphia. A few weeks before Christmas 2013, he received his transplant after three years of waiting. To everyone who had witnessed his waiting, this was a true miracle. Weston was the miracle on 34th street. And to me, he always will be.

Today would have been Weston’s 8th birthday. The thousands of people who have been touched by Weston’s story and legacy continue to make sure that his life continues to inspire others. For a life like Weston’s is one that will be talked about decades to come.

I’ve had the privilege of writing about Weston’s life for the Huffington Post. Take the time read and share these stories about his life, the obstacles he faced, and the legacy he lives on through by those who loved him. Happy birthday Weston<3


The Miracle on 34th Street

The True Miracle on 34th Street-Memorial Follow Up 

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