I asked for Online Dating help- and XOJANE Comments Exploded

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 10.12.51 AMWriting my online reject article for xoJane was a shot in the dark- it was a personal experience that I thought a few people would be interested in, or maybe relate to. When it was published yesterday afternoon- all comment hell broke loose. I’m not going to lie- I spent Friday night pouring through the array of feedback in the comments section. Many uplifiting, and full of valid advice. Others made me want to drink tequila and cry into the fur of my mentioned (and must discussed) ‘highly intelligent cat’. 

I woke up to this—all this in less than 20 hours.

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 10.12.46 AM
This is when I refreshed the page to make sure it wasn’t a glitch.


401 comments. Right now. Holy Shit. 

photo (6)
Even the cat was shocked people cared so much.

I will be writing a follow up to all the attention, and also will be sharing comments from the friend who wrote my dating profile for me. But first, I’m processing, reveling and absorbing all of the internet chatter. As is the mentioned ‘Highly intelligent Cat’ who is named Annie. 

Thank you to everyone for reading, sharing, tweeting and commenting. Please keep the conversation going! 


photo 2 (4)
The ‘highly intelligent cat’ will be happy to answer all emails, as soon as she figures out how to type.




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