Hump Day Round Up

Melted-ToyIt’s been one of those weeks where by Wednesday afternoon your brain resembles a melted toy solider left near the stove. That should paint a graphic image in your head to paint the picture of how this week is going so far. On the bright side, we live in the age of the ultimate pick me up- the internet.

Here are a few links that gave me reprieve between dashing between nonstop meetings and cleaning out my broken refrigerator (that included the groceries of my 4 other roommates). Check them out, and share what saved your sanity so far this week!

The Duck Tales theme song acted out with actual ducks- This reminded me how much I loved the show and that ABC Family or Disney needs to introduce this classic to kids who have missed out.

Ian McKellen had a little lamb. And I can’t decided which one is cuter.


Cat Lady E-harmony dating video remix- This just fits in perfectly with my recent trials of online dating and my comments regarding the highly intelligent cat.

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