A Brain-cation Weekend

photo (8)
The highly intelligent cat enjoyed her beauty sleep this weekend.

It was supposed to be one of those super productive weekends where by Sunday I felt completely ready for the week ahead. But instead the complete opposite happened. No matter how many times I sat down at the keyboard prepared to write, nothing would come out. I took it as a sign that my brain needed a break after working close to 50 hours last week, in addition to my freelance writing which only can be worked on at night. Finally after two ice coffees, and three hours spent grinding my teeth in disgust, I gave up trying for the day and took a brain-cation.

In the past year I’ve really become more interested in watching documentaries thanks to my Netflix subscription, and yesterday I was able to enjoy two new ones added for this month. MV5BMTQyNTIwNDc5MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDk4NjI0OA@@._V1_SX214_AL_‘I Know That Voice’ is an interesting documentary that explores the voice-over industry. As a cartoon buff, it was cool to be learn the process a voice actor goes through to create the ‘sound’ of a character, and how in many instances they’re playing multiple characters simultaneously. These actors are tasked with brining characters to life, only by the manipulation of their vocal chords. The movie gave me an even bigger appreciation for my favorite cartoons!

Next I watched ‘Joan Rivers: Piece of Work’ which only caught my attention because her life story has been featured on every gossip website due to her sudden passing. Before her death, all I really associated her with was her cameo in Muppets Take Manhattan and her quick tongue on Fashion Police. After watching the documentary that followed her around for an entire year, it made me sad that it took until after her passing to understand her huge impact in the world of comedy.

81zlXAn1qqL._AA1500_ Over the past 4 decades, she had constantly been able to reinvent herself by finding new platforms that continued to introduce her to new generations. Aside from her comedic talent, she seemed to genuinely care for her friends and family.

There was one scene where she broke down after firing her long time business manager, Billy. She lamented that he was the last person she could say ‘remember when…’ and would be on the same page. During the filming of the documentary she was 75 in 2010, but it was evident to see the passing of many of her friends and the loneliness experienced in old age affected her. No matter who you are, it has to be rough not being able to have anyone reflect a special time period in life. I suggest this to anyone who either likes Joan Rivers, laughing, or appreciates a hard working woman.

Here’s to hoping my brain-cation will help make this upcoming week super-charged with productivity.

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