Tweet and Meet Friday 9/19

twitter-iconOne of the big appeals of Twitter is the instantaneous ability to connect. As a writer who mainly shares a twenty-something perspective, I’m always looking for others who cover similar topics, and can relate to my writing. My work will probably not appeal to a baby-boomer far removed from the days of quarter-life limbo, but will for those in the thick of the same conundrums.

When I come across writers whose words resonate with me, I’m always eager to explore their work. In a series of 140 character tweets, I can share their writing, sing their praises, and follow them to stay updated on their projects. It really is a great time to be a blogger right now!

Here are a few awesome writers I’ve connected with through Twitter in the last week that are worth adding to your feed! 

Writer: Galit Breen

Twitter Handle @GalitBreen 


I came across the brilliant writing of Galit last week when xoJane published her article ‘It Happened to Me: I Wrote About Marriage and All Anyone Noticed was that I was Fat’   Her honesty of how internet trolls took her article about a personal experience meant to help others, and soiled it with their irrelevant body-shamming comments hit a nerve. Within an hour of reading her article, I was able to connect with her on Twitter and Facebook, letting her know that her experience made me feel less alone as a writer who was recently body shammed herself in the comment section of my xoJane article. We’ve connected and I’ve been able to keep up with massive coverage her article has spawned, which is insanely inspirational as an aspiring writer! 


Twitter Handle: @gen_twenty


As a millennial, twenty-something writer (hence the name of this blog), I’m a big fan of publications cover similar topics. GenTwenty covers anything and everything that I could possibly be going experiencing during this era of my life. Their description of your twenties sums up how I’ve felt since turning 20 -“It’s scary. It’s confusing. It’s exciting. It’s uncomfortable. It’s awkward. It’s freedom.” From getting your finances in order to finding yourself- the writers on this site provide unique insight and their own personal tips on making the most out of these years.

Writer: Megan

Twitter Handle: @tipsy_writer 


I stumbled across Megan’s tweets by pure chance after someone I was following retweeted her tweet. Her blog, Tipsy Writer is full of articles and essays on improving your life. Instead of just providing insight on romance and social life like many blogs in this genre typically do, Megan offers great tips on improving daily productivity and organizational skills, along with ideas to navigate career management. It really is a refreshing take on this type of blog! 

Megan also hosts a live Twitter chat #Tipsychat on Tuesday evenings at 8:30 pm EST. 

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