That Time I Became Popular on the Internet Because I Wasn’t Popular on Online Dating

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.44.43 AMAsking questions is a huge part of being a writer. When I first joined my high school’s student newspaper during my junior year, the first lessoned I learned was how to interview. My journalism teacher, who I adored, paired me up with an editor who was working on an article focusing on an event being held by our school’s alumni organization.

Like a puppy unsure about going out to the dog park for the first time, I trotted behind the editor as she led us to the school’s alumni office to interview the priest who was in charge of the event. During the ten minute interview, I watched in awe as the editor scribbled notes on paper while carrying on a conversation with the priest who was talking a mile a minute. There is no way in hell I can multitask like she’s doing, I thought freaking out that soon enough I’d be writing pieces on my own. But nine years later, that lesson has stuck with me as I’ve conducted countless interviews for publications throughout high school and college, magazine internships and my full time job as a digital media professional for the non profit sector. The point is that I can now interview anyone at anytime- being interviewed is a whole other story.

Last week I was contacted by Flannery Dean of Flare Magazine. She was interested in interviewing me about my xoJane essay about online dating. We chatted over the phone for about 40 minutes as she quizzed me about my dating life- from the online experience to what i am looking for in general. My favorite question was if I could date any celebrity who it would be, and of course it was Jason Segal!

The interview was published this morning, and the headline “Meet the Woman Who Couldn’t Get a Single Date Online” made me cringe a bit. But it captured exactly why i wrote the article, the entire experience of writing, and what i am looking for a the moment.

Another great writer who I connected with last week named Galiat Breen, also asked me to be part of her next piece which I will share as soon as it goes live. The past few weeks has been such a rebirth of my writing and has been such an experience to connect with other writers.

Also, my lovely friend Brianna Roth snapped a few new photos for my website and to use for other articles. She did an amazing job with my hair and makeup, especially since that is not my area of expertise. Below are my favorite ones!

Thank you all for reading and following along on my quarter life adventure!

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3 thoughts on “That Time I Became Popular on the Internet Because I Wasn’t Popular on Online Dating

  1. Listen to a very wise old (44) lady. I used online dating many time, many places. I never posted my picture for the exact reason you wrote about. What’s worse is when I finally established some connections with writing messages back and forth and finally found the nerve to share my picture – I was rejected EVERY TIME! Ouch! It was soul-crushing. But have heart. There are plenty of other ways to meet someone. Try volunteering in your community. People know other people and once they know you they might have an available friend. You never know! Two things I’ve learned the hard way: 1) I am NOT everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay I just had to keep looking until I found tea drinkers worthy of a sip! and 2) I enjoy my OWN company – sometimes more than I enjoy other people’s company. That’s important. I was alone for many years, by choice I tell myself, but the fear of rejection and more breaking on my lil old heart was also part of it. Just live your life and be happy with everything you have right now. Waiting around or worse, worrying yourself over online dating is wasting your precious time. Be happy. Laugh and smile. And just be you. The right guy or gal (hey whatevs) will find you. There are billions of people to choose from!

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  2. I found your blog from this article which was on the Huffington Post, which I found on my Yahoo home page! That’s awesome!!! I wanted to comment here though. First of all, I applaud your authenticity and your honesty!! I have had the exact same experience with online dating sites. Opening my email became a daily rejection, so I have deleted all of my profiles. I have had the same questions you pose here. I am 42 and single. I don’t know why, but I do know this. I love my life! I’m grateful for my friends and family! I have a career I love and I’m happy. I have no answers for you, but I do have an observation. I admire you! When I was 25, I didn’t have it together like you do. Keep writing! Keep living! From a new fan!! 🙂

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