Hump Day Round Up- 9/24

giphy (21)The week is half way over and I’m still trying to get myself together. After family emergency over the weekend, and a broke-down car on Monday- my beloved schedule that keeps me steady has been shot to hell. Let’s just say the internet and funny GIFS have been helping me not snap at everyone who enters my bubble this week.

Here a few of my recent favorites in honor of Hump Day!

Rare Photos Of Audrey Hepburn That Capture Her Iconic Charm

giphy (10)I was thirteen when I first discovered Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the force of nature named Audrey Hepburn. Being an awkward teen caught in the hell of puberty, Hepburn was everything that I was not. Her soft spoken voice that managed to steal any scene she was in, her blithe mannerisms thats seemed as if her entire life was choreographed, and her classic fashion that I never was exposed to in the suburbs of Philadelphia- it all captivated me. This photo essay features photography from Hepburn’s life that captures how beautiful she was a person on the inside as well as the exterior. 

When Women Should Say “Enough is Enough” to Social Media

26fca95As a digital media coordinator, my livelihood depends on our society’s consumption of social media platforms. However, as a women that went through her formative years at the dawn of social media (Myspace, Livejournal, Xanga) and was a college student during the early years of Facebook  and Twitter- I understand the ability social media has to cause major emotional distress. This article on Psychology Today does a fantastic job at pointing out red flags women should look to determine if social media affecting their lives in a life-altering way. 

A Fairytale Proposal 

article-2649467-1E7D7D2600000578-46_634x731If you haven’t been able to tell through my writing, romance and terms of endearment are two areas where my heart tends to swoon. Especially if it involves incredibly creative and thoughtful gestures, like the one featured in the article. A man decided to propose to his fiancee by combing her favorite childhood fairytale and his incredible ability for street art to give her a memorable happily ever after moment.

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