101 Things That Happened in the Last 365 Days

Facebook now has a new app that will create a short video clip about the highlights of 2014. To be frank, 2014 can kick rocks. Most of the year was spent dealing with stress, unhappiness and grief. But somewhere in the middle of the emotional roller coaster of the year, I managed to do a whole bunch of cool things. 2014 can only be summed in one cliche, corny phrase- Life Goes On. 

Here’s a 101 memorable things that I did this year. Thank you for reading my ramblings, commenting on my essays, and/or being in my life this year.  I’m still wrapping my mind over some of the shit that went down over the past 365 days, so I won’t even try to guess what 2015 will hold. 

101 Things That Happened in the Last 365 Days

 Participated in a vegan chicken wing eating contest- This was a disaster, no one warned me that seitan expands once it’s wet. But it benefited Philly Roller Girls, so it was for a good cause!


Participated in a cupcake eating contest.It was my first large amount of sugar after clean eating for 40 days, let’s just say that night I wanted to die


Went on an upside roller coaster- I actually tried frantically to get off the Batman Coaster but the attendant didn’t hear me so I was stuck going through with it


Went to Six Flags- We meant to go to Belmont Beach, but the signs for the safari seemed more exciting


Had an article go viral- I was annoyed about how much online dating sucked, and wrote an article about it one night after work. Apparently people like that kind of thing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 7.11.14 PM

Got published on Bustle

Got published on Literally Darling

Found out I was a social introvert

Took photos on Citizen Bank Park’s field before a Phillies Game 

Missed a plane transfer

Had my article and face appear on Yahoo.com


Flew to California

Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean


Went in a hot tub under the stars at night in California


Had my face appear on a HuffPo email 


Ate clean for 40 days


Completed the Couch to 5k program


Did the gallon of water challenge- water bullet


Ran a 5k


Cooked a casserole


Tried natural peanut butter

Tried Indian Food


Tried Moroccan Food


Tried swordfish

Did my first interview as a writer

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 7.22.02 PM

Did my first live radio interview 

Appeared on HuffPo Live 


Produced my first short video with a real videographer

Had my photo feature in a print magazine

Had my first Christmas tree


Spent my first holiday season with friends


Was asked to be a bridesmaid in my first wedding


Build my first bed frame with minimal assistance


Got my first private office at work


Kept a pet alive for a whole entire year

photo 2 (4)

Spent a whole week eating from the McDonald’s dollar menu because it was I all could afford


Grieved for the first time as an adult

Had my knees collapse out of me due to grief 

Said goodbye to a sweet little boy


Learned how to make a peanut butter smoothie

Began drinking almond milk and soy milk in my coffee

Ate a vegan brownie

Ate vegan egg salad


Went to Whole Food for the first time

Went to Wegmans for the first time

Got a new job in the industry that I want to be in – healthcare


Constructed a Kwanzaa Table

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 7.27.53 PM

Stood up to an boss who mistreated me

Got the Chicken Pox’s vaccine


Tried a protein powder shake

Started a new blog, Thanks for reading! 

Finally bought a down comforter and pillow bed

Went to a russian/turkish spa

Took a turkish bath

Received oxygen steam tub

Went in a hydrotherapy tub

Went into a swiss shower

Went tubing down the Delaware river


Made amends with a friend

Made a flatbread pizza

Went down a water slide

Went to an amusement park in the pouring rain

Scooped ice cream

Dressed my cat in a halloween costume

9777_10154741442640063_2061575217626468340_n (2)

Met with a recruiter

Ate a plum for the first time in a decade

Ate sashimi

Held a friend’s hand during a difficult time

Cried until I puked 

Cried myself to sleep

Babysat for four nights straight 

Wore two different shoes to work


Slept for 14 hours straight 

Ate dinner in Colorado

Ate breakfast in Texas

Got off anxiety medicine

Acted as an advocate for mental health and depression

Threw up an entire lobster- courtesy of the stomach flu I got on night one of vacation  


Went on adderall 

Drank until I threw up, the first time in three years, and all because I mixed tequila and miller lite 


Spoke at a funeral


Went to Christmas Eve mass

Baked Christmas cookies


Tried kale

Got work rejected from publications

Cracked an iphone screen

Had my car towed 


Played hookie from work

Attended the Forbes 30 under 30 contest

Won a contest


Heard a Nobel Peace Prize winner speaker

Received a custom neck massage

Tried acupuncture

Was the subject of an online forum

Received fan mail


Received hate mail

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 5.46.41 PM

Made a new friend, several really! 

Sliced my finger with an exacto-knife, again


Gazed at the Philadelphia skyline


Chaperoned my first field trip


Had 15 bylines in 2014


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