Moving Right Along! Week 1 of #365in365

doallthethingsThe first post of 2015! Within 24 hours of publishing my insane list of 365 things I wanted to do in 365, I gave myself a panic attack. Honestly, not surprising. But then after a recommendation from a friend, I decided to break the list into things to accomplish each month month. Thankfully, that made things less overwhelming and my enthusiasm for the project was restored!

Here are the things I’ve been able to check off the list so far….

Create that Vision Board I’ve been talking about for over a year 

1800469_10154976737770063_6335199367780726773_nSince watching the documentary about The Secret on Netflix last February, I have been hell bent on creating my own vision board. I talked about it with coworkers, inspired friends to make their own boards, and even collected magazines to use. But as the months went on, the magazines ended up in the trash, and the vision board was existent. The other night, I spent a good hour reflecting on what I wanted for myself in 2015. The theme seemed to be self- fulfillment, which hopefully will be achieved by learning more about myself, surrounding myself with positive people and energy, growing as professional in my new job and not comparing myself to others. Finding pictures on Pinterest, I finally printed a bunch out and spent this afternoon putting it together. It now sits on my dresser where I do my hair and makeup for work every morning. That way in the first hour of my awakening, I’ll be reminded of what I want out for myself and to use it as a navigator for my actions throughout the day. If you’re interested in creating you’re own vision board, here is a great guide from I used as a guide to create my own for 2015! 

Enter a photo contest 

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 6.08.09 PM

I plan on entering a few of these this year, but I stumbled across one that is hosted by one of my favorite cat website’s Modern Cat. As long as you register for free on the site, you can upload a photo of your feline photo subject. Here’s my entry of Annie Cat. Just another step towards the goal of making her a viral sensation to help pay my bills.  You can vote for her here on Modern Cat’s website! 

Watch a Ted Talk

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.28.08 PMIt’s no secret that I am a huge Muppets fan. So when I was browsing Ted Talks to watch, I was thrilled to find one given by my favorite amphibian who I quite often reference as my spirit animal, Kermit the Frog. The reason why I wanted to watch this talk was because Jim Henson’s creation of the Muppets empire fascinates me, as well as the way he revolutionized children’s television through Sesame Street. The particular message that Kermit, voiced by Steve Whitmore since Henson’s premature death in 1990, hit home to me. In the past few months I’ve felt caught in the land of in-between. As I continue down my path of self growth while settling into adulthood, it’s became increasingly harder to still include part of who I was into the person i am becoming. A huge focus of this chat talks about how we’re continuously evolving, and that the ability to incorporate our past self. You can watch the TedTalk here, courtesy of Tough Pigs. Here are quotes and take aways from the twenty minute talk. 

  • Conspiracy of craziness
  • “There are as many ways to be creative as there as muppets”
  • “Michael Angelo chipped a lot of stone before he found his angel”
  • “Ridiculous optimism”- Jim Henson
  • “Include all that we were, as we transcend to who we become”- Kevin Wilbur 
  • “Seek help with passion and perseverance. Find a mentor someone who is the perfect mix of fan of critic, observe but what they are thinking while they do it, learn about their interior process and how they go about it. A mentor can show us what came before and guide us into the future” 
  • “Let everyone have a place at the table- creativity is piling deeper levels of conspicuousness, whiling appreciating multiple perspectives”
  • “I’ve got a dream, its about making people happy thats the dream the more people you share it with and I found a whole bunch of people that have the same dream and it makes us a family”

I’ve also kept true to my word and have been writing in my new journal each day. Grant it the entries have been only a few sentences, but they count. For my photo a day project, I’ve been using Project365 on my iPhone. At the end of each month I plan on posting all the photos that were taken!

Earlier this week, I sent away for my Bone Marrow Donor kit from Be the Match, which should be coming within the next week. While registering on the website, I learned so much about how a simple process can save the life of someone who is staring down deaths door. Hopefully by joining the registry one day I can make a difference simply by using the DNA God gave me.

As I continue to map out when and how I’ll be checking off the other challenges on my list, I appreciate anyone’s willingness to help me! If you have a suggestion or want to go on adventure with me, feel free to let me know!

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