Relief for Debt, Dental and Dry skin

giphy (1)This whole doing 365 in 365 is a great conversation starter. It is much more appealing that sports, and everyone is aware that the east coast is an arctic tundra from January through mid March.

I was able to register a 4-week painting lesson at PortSide Art Center near my apartment in Fishtown, thanks to their awesome New Years deal. I also registered for the Polar Bear Plunge, and convinced one of my best friends to take the dive with me on January 24 at Neshaminy State Park. January usually is a lackluster month, but not this year. There’s no excuse for any month in 2015 to be boring. Gotta catch ’em all before the end of the year (note the shiny Pokeball gif I found).

 The past week was focused on getting my finances in check, realigning my jaw while preparing to tap into my crafty-inner child…

IMG_9753Buy a Sketch Book- It’s nothing glamorous, but neither are my doodles. I picked this up at The Dollar Tree, where I stocked up on my crayons, finger paints, Lisa Frank coloring book, and construction paper for my upcoming cards for senior citizens. As you’ve noticed, crafting is a big part of the list .


Meet with a financial adviser- This was scary. I’m not proud that I’ve been late on credit card payments and that I racked up $2,500 of debt over 4 years. Sure I have a full-time job that pays well, but my budgeting skills were not stellar. That’s where Chris, from Frankford Tax Professionals comes in. I met with him at a coffee shop and went over my situation.

Beforehand, I had gathered all of my debt, wrote a list my current bills (rent, utilities, car insurance, phone, etc) and told him my goals for my finances. He then asked me to send over any pay stubs and bank statements via Google Docs, as well has an estimate budget of my monthly spending. Honestly, I had no idea how much I spent on certain things each month. So I estimated and sent it over. A few days later he sent over a very organized spreadsheet, with target payments for each of my credit cards. He also addressed which areas I needed to decrease my spending. Per his suggestion, I will be tracking my spending for next two months. This will give me a better idea of my spending habits, and also a better sense of how to budget my hard earned cash. If I follow Chris’s payment plan, and keep to my spending budget, I will have my credit cards paid off by June 2015! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and I will continue to update as it get’s brighter.


giphyTry a new spa treatment For the past month, my jaw has felt as if it would hit the floor at any moment. Not because I am dumbstruck constantly, but because my TMJ has reared itself by making my head throb. After some research on treatment options, I scheduled an appointment for a cranialsacral massage at Hand and Stone, which targets the neck, jaw and head muscles. Lisa, my wonderful therapist, spent the entire hour rubbing the tension out of my jaw and releasing pressure in my head. After the treatment, she had mentioned using reiki practices because she was a level 1 practitioner. Although it could technically count as reiki, I’m still marking it as undone because it’s one of the things on the list that I’ve been wanting to do to see if it helps both my stress headaches and my emotional well being.


IMG_9737Make my own hair mask, face and body scrubThis was easier than I anticipated! For the hair mask, I mixed 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of olive oil, then massaged it into my hair. Then I ran a comb through it and left it on for 15 minutes I prepped the other scrubs.

For the face and body mixture, I used 2 table spoons of honey, 2 table spoons of olive oil, a dab of my usual face mask cream and a few dashes of Epsom salt. After rinsing if off, my skin and hair were both super silky! And speaking of Epsom salt..


giphy (1)Take an Epsom salt bathThis was something that’s caught my attention since reading about it on xoJane earlier this month after I had already added this o the list. Since I was relaxed from my massage on Saturday, I continued the day of pampering by soaking in a hot bath. I dumped in a half of cup of Epsom salt. Maybe it was because my body was already loose from the massage, but the salt bath made my body feel even lighter. It also made me incredibly sleepy!

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