Vegan Pies, Wings and Skaters- Oh My!

My camera has been able to allow me to meet tons of interesting people and witness events that I would never had experienced if I was not taking photos. In January, I had the opportunity to take photos of The Philly Roller Girl’s Vegan Pie and Wing eating contest at The Abbaye in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. Philly Roller Girls is the women’s roller derby team in Philadelphia, and is part of the WFTDA. Last year I actually participated in the wing eating contest, but this time around I chose to snap photos instead of sucking down wings. If you’re interested in roller derby, check out the WFTDA to find a league near you!

IMG_6762 IMG_6747 IMG_6772 IMG_6691 IMG_6674 IMG_6740 IMG_6780 IMG_6784 IMG_6795

IMG_6852 IMG_6796 IMG_6849 IMG_6845 IMG_6814 IMG_6853 IMG_6856 IMG_6858 IMG_6861 IMG_6879 IMG_6925 IMG_6932 IMG_6981 IMG_6975 IMG_6959 IMG_6956 IMG_6904 IMG_6985 IMG_6990 IMG_7002 IMG_7023 IMG_7049 IMG_7045 IMG_7032 IMG_7024 IMG_7062 IMG_7069 IMG_7104 IMG_7136 IMG_7201 IMG_7214 IMG_7221 IMG_7234 IMG_7342 IMG_7330 IMG_7243 IMG_7235

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