15 Things You Should Know About Dating A Professional Woman

Thought Catalog

1. We can’t party all night.

We’ll be up early for work because we’re committed to our career. This means that weeknights can’t turn into all night boondoggles – at least not every night.

2. We’re kind of married to our work colleagues.

We’ve got a network of work friends that we’ll see more than you, usually not by choice, based on the hours we sometimes need to put into our jobs. These people become our work family and probably know everything about you since our first time hanging out. I’ve got after-work obligations too that often include farewell happy hours for a colleague that’s leaving our company or a work dinner that can’t be blown off.

3. We love spontaneity, when it’s planned.

It’s wonderfully romantic to surprise us with last minute trips to the Caribbean or Las Vegas. Unfortunately, if we’ve got meetings lined up, such gestures don’t…

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