Playstation Network On The Naughty list

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Video game enthusiasts eager to start using their new Playstation products Christmas morning encountered a glitch that appears to be something The Grinch would orchestrate.

PlayStation Network (PSN) (the online gaming network that is used on systems such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita) has been experiencing technically difficulties since early Christmas morning, specifically in the creation and retrieval of log-in information. With widespread issues being reported across the globe, an excited Christmas morning for many turned into a frustrating afternoon and evening.

While several outlets reported the possibility of cyber hackers being behind the outage, users are still waiting for a solution. However, according to Forbes Online, threats of this issue were known before the holiday. With the warning of a potential threat to the network, coupled with the the anticipation of new users to the network on December 25, why weren’t there more proactive measures in place?

I had a first hand experience of the impact the PlayStation Network outage while at a friend’s house. Both parents frantically scoured the internet on their iPhones trying to find some sort of solution to make the very expensive gaming system ‘Santa’ brought a functional present. With both of them being tech-savvy , even they were stumped until word spread that their dilemma was not an isolated issue. For parents who may not be as internet/gaming literate, attempting to salvage a child’s Christmas present must have resembled more of a horror story than a holiday tale. 

When it became evident that all of the troubleshooting in the world wouldn’t make a difference until Sony repaired the network issues, disappointment turned into disgust. The kids were left unable to play while their parents fumed that the high-priced purchased intended to bring joy to their sons’ faces did the complete opposite. A lump of coal would have been more usable.

As a former gamer myself, memories of Christmas’ past cause me to sympathize for the crestfallen users. I can recall the rush of adrenaline the first time plugging in my Super Nintendo in 1996, and the way my eyeballs burned from playing Pokemon Yellow 13 hours a day during Christmas vacation of 1999. While it went unnoticed during my childhood, as an adult I appreciate that my parents spent a good portion of their pay to deliver quintessential childhood joy to their daughter on Christmas Day. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 11.24.02 AMWhat transpired yesterday to those boys, along with other users, was unfair. Over 36 hours later, gamers are still reporting issues accessing the PSN. Playstation has acknowledged the problem, with their Twitter account preemptively thanking users for their patience while they work on a resolution. Unfortunately, this fix will require more than some Christmas magic. But one thing is certain- if the jilted gamers had any say- Playstation would be placed on the naughty list for next year.

Have you or your kids experienced this issue? Tweet me your experience at @Patrice_Bendig and use the hashtag #PSNruinedChristmas



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