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Welcome to the musings, reflections and sometimes witty commentary from a twenty-something millennial learning how to live, not just survive. Feel to reach out via email!

Popular daily activities I partake in: singing along to my car radio at an obnoxiously loud volume, annoying people with my Canon T3i Rebel,drinking massive amounts of ice coffee, and playing fetch with Annie, my highly intelligent tabby cat.

Life goals: Write a book, become best friends with Taylor Swift, find my soulmate, embark on a cross country road trip, make my cat a viral internet sensation, and have enough money to gaze into the distance while filling my gas tank

During the day, I manage digital content creation for Penn Rehab in Philadelphia.Feel free to look through my multimedia portfolio! Born in raised in Northeast Philadelphia, my Philadelphia accent is ever-present. I earned my BS in Advertising Communication Arts at St. John’s University in Queens, NY in 2011. During that time I had the amazing opportunity to intern at MTV, Madison Square Garden, Cosmopolitan, and Ladies Home Journal, in addition to serving as the Features Editor of The Torch, the student-run weekly newspaper.

I’ve been fortunate to have my writing appear in a variety of places including:HuffPoWomen, HuffPoGPS for the Soul, HuffPo Comedy, HuffPo Healthy Living,HuffPo College, HuffPo Good News, HuffPo Impact, HuffPo Political, xoJane, Bustle, Elite Daily, Your Tango, Literally Darling, Skirt Collective, Everyday Feminism, Thought Catalog, Psych Central, Yahoo Parenting & USA Today College.

The power of personal experience narratives struck me during junior high, when I discovered non-fiction writing. Being able to feel comforted and relief that others had the some struggles and experiences was an incredible gift. Because someone was able to be brave enough to share their story in some fashion, it provided me sense of empowerment when there was a lack of people around me that could relate to my experiences.

Over the years, I’ve been asked what would possess me to spill my life story all over the internet. In short, I write personal narratives with the hope that someone who is going through something similar may feel less alone with their issues. That even if everyone surrounding them is causing the reader to analyze and second-guess their gut, there is another smoke signal to let them know their not the only person dealing with their conundrums.

There’s been countless nights that I’ve only been consoled after reading essays from no-barrier writers. And while writing is a sense of paying it forward, the process also is another way to connect me with others to feel less alone. Reading emails and comments from others who have stumbled across my writings sharing their similar connection is my favorite activity in the world. Please feel free to drop me line via email at



6 thoughts on “Meet the Girl Behind the Keyboard

  1. So, I read your article on the Huffington post and for the first time in my life I felt I needed to reply to something I read. My first thought was to have compassion for you and your predicament. But as I looked more into to you and your life you are looking to find just another story or blog to write about. There is no WAY you went on a dating site and got nothing as far as good reply. My guess is they searched about you and found out they didn’t want to end up as story. Or I could be wrong, then I apologize.


  2. I understand that most crazy people don’t recognize they’re crazy and so when I say that I’m really not a lunatic stalker (all evidence to the contrary) I may actually be one. That’s kind of disturbing to see written out.

    I just read your post from XO republished on HuffPost about your online dating experience. If it was all BS you can stop reading.

    My experience has been the same and it was heartening to see that someone as attractive and witty as you could have a similar experience. Sorry, that wasn’t more uplifting but it really did help me.

    I’ve often wished that there were dating sites populated by “normal”, kind, thoughtful people who were willing to give “non ’10’ people” a chance. But that site too would soon be filled with douchey guys sending dick pics that ruin things for the rest of us.

    Trying to be Poitier (should have been positive but my phone changed it and I thought I’d keep it) again, I think your post will help a number of people. I hope that your dating life has improved and were i closer I certainly would creep you out by writing you. Oh wait….

    Ok thanks for reading and indulging my spur of the moment weirdness.


    ps. Not even 1 roller coaster experience?!


  3. Read your comments about online dating…Dating is all about similar “types” matching up. Nothing more. Your sample size of “rejection” is way too small for you to draw any, meaningful, conclusions about how you and the rest of the free world match up. You’ve heard the expression, “build it and they will come”? Keep building on your “work in progress” life and “they” will come. From what I’ve read and seen of you, of that I have no doubt!


  4. It was incredibly brave and inspiring to put yourself out there with your article about failures in online dating . I thoroughly enjoyed your article because it made me relate to you on a human level. That’s what makes you a great writer I.M.H.O.

    I consider myself a good looking guy in his late 20s with a great job and lots of friends, and online dating really sucks for me, too. As I’m sure you now know, you are not alone, sister.

    I grew up in the CT/NY area and had a brief academic stint at Villanova, and I can tell you that the Northeast can sometimes be a bleak and judgmental place. I still love it, but it seems that pretentiousness is a bit more highly concentrated out there. I live in AZ now, and people seem a whole lot more friendly here. Of course, there are assholes everywhere 😉

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t lose hope. You’re still young, you’re clearly independent (I hope you realize what a gift that is), and you know what? You’re pretty cute, too.

    Good luck with life, Patrice. You’re doing it right.

    Your newest fan,


  5. Just poked through your blog again and saw your post about the bullying. I know it’s hard to take, but looking from the outside just remember that the ugly posts are written by similar “kids” who in third grade were also bullied and haven’t grown enough in their own lives to move past that and the only way they have to cope is to be nasty to others so it feels they have the power. Let’s feel sorry for them, forgive them and say a prayer for their soul they may find peace.


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