33 Articles Published in 365 Days


For me, 2015 can be described as wordy – literally! Over the past 365 days, I have had 33 essays published across multiple outlets- 20 syndicated and 13 original. Having the opportunity to allow my work to be introduced to new readers has been the best thing to happen this year.

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What do the Duggars, a Muppet and Gun Control Have in Common? My August Writings!


Basically my feelings of having 3 news pieces published, an additional 3 syndicated, having an article pitch accepted for a publication I’ve never written all in the past month. Each piece has been different than my usual themes. Editorial based on current events and a stab at humor that is not dark!

Grateful to The Skirt Collective, HuffPost, Muppet Mindset and Your Tango for sharing my work this month!

Ready to see what new adventures and inspiration fall will bring!

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An Open Letter for to Anna Duggar

duggar-photogalleryUp until the May 2015, I was one of the millions of Americans who watched the weekly ongoings of The Duggar family. It was not until the news broke of the Josh Duggar’s scandal that it dawned on me. Anna Duggar, his wife and mother of his four young children, is not much older than I am. Right now she’s at a crossroads in her life that will determine not only her future, but the ones of her babies. As someone who has never met her but feels for her from woman to woman, this is an open letter encouraging her to call this her Independence Day.

Dear Anna,

There are no words for the emotional turmoil you’ve endured this summer. For the past three months, your husband and family have been blasted across the airwaves. Not because another was another Duggar was born or a wedding reception without liquor was being held.

The history of your husband’s child molestation past was brought out from the depths of the Duggar family closet into front pages of newspapers and internet screens overnight. After reactions of disgust towards his actions, strangers from across the world flocked online to judge your decision to marry Josh Duggar despite knowing the transgressions. Would most women have made the same choice as you to still accept this man as a spouse despite knowing what he was capable of doing? No, but it could be seen as valid point since it had happened prior to your relationship and that there were assurance of redemption. Continue reading

New Publication: Skirt Collective

SC-icon-5I’m thrilled to have my first essay published on Skirt Collective!  Per their website ‘Skirt Collective aims to be the modern woman’s compass for navigating culture, fashion, and the real world. Nestled between street smarts and book smarts, SC connects readers with practical information and opinions from a diverse array of voices in an honest, virtual space.’

You can read my latest article on their website. 

Hopefully this will be the first of many pieces that will be shared on their website! Make sure to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.