What I’d Rather Have Taken in College Instead of Philosophy

images (3)Three years have passed since September meant ‘back to school’ season in my life. It wasn’t that long ago, but being able to refer to a time of my life as ‘my college years’ is weird.

As an adult, the only things that I have to look forward to when the seasons change are wardrobe switches and upcoming paid holidays. Currently the fact that it has become socially acceptable for me to wear boots is big deal. Oh, and pumpkin flavored everything has made life more bearable these days.

Being a few years removed from college has allowed me to reflect on my academic experience, and how my education has impacted my career thus far. My degree in Advertising Communications gave me a sturdy foundation to build upon, but there have been many, many, many career-lessons learned brutally because I was unprepared in certain aspects.

Perhaps they can be categorized as education from the hard knock life or growing pains. However, it would have made a world of difference if my curriculum focused on more practical working skills rather than just industry fundamentals and core classes.

Here are a few classes I wish were on my roaster during college: Continue reading