101 Things That Happened in the Last 365 Days

Facebook now has a new app that will create a short video clip about the highlights of 2014. To be frank, 2014 can kick rocks. Most of the year was spent dealing with stress, unhappiness and grief. But somewhere in the middle of the emotional roller coaster of the year, I managed to do a whole bunch of cool things. 2014 can only be summed in one cliche, corny phrase- Life Goes On. 

Here’s a 101 memorable things that I did this year. Thank you for reading my ramblings, commenting on my essays, and/or being in my life this year.  I’m still wrapping my mind over some of the shit that went down over the past 365 days, so I won’t even try to guess what 2015 will hold. 

101 Things That Happened in the Last 365 Days

 Participated in a vegan chicken wing eating contest- This was a disaster, no one warned me that seitan expands once it’s wet. But it benefited Philly Roller Girls, so it was for a good cause!


Participated in a cupcake eating contest.It was my first large amount of sugar after clean eating for 40 days, let’s just say that night I wanted to die


Went on an upside roller coaster- I actually tried frantically to get off the Batman Coaster but the attendant didn’t hear me so I was stuck going through with it


Went to Six Flags- We meant to go to Belmont Beach, but the signs for the safari seemed more exciting


Had an article go viral- I was annoyed about how much online dating sucked, and wrote an article about it one night after work. Apparently people like that kind of thing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 7.11.14 PM

Got published on Bustle

Got published on Literally Darling

Found out I was a social introvert

Took photos on Citizen Bank Park’s field before a Phillies Game 

Missed a plane transfer

Had my article and face appear on Yahoo.com


Flew to California

Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean


Went in a hot tub under the stars at night in California


Had my face appear on a HuffPo email 


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That Time I Became Popular on the Internet Because I Wasn’t Popular on Online Dating

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.44.43 AMAsking questions is a huge part of being a writer. When I first joined my high school’s student newspaper during my junior year, the first lessoned I learned was how to interview. My journalism teacher, who I adored, paired me up with an editor who was working on an article focusing on an event being held by our school’s alumni organization.

Like a puppy unsure about going out to the dog park for the first time, I trotted behind the editor as she led us to the school’s alumni office to interview the priest who was in charge of the event. During the ten minute interview, I watched in awe as the editor scribbled notes on paper while carrying on a conversation with the priest who was talking a mile a minute. There is no way in hell I can multitask like she’s doing, I thought freaking out that soon enough I’d be writing pieces on my own. But nine years later, that lesson has stuck with me as I’ve conducted countless interviews for publications throughout high school and college, magazine internships and my full time job as a digital media professional for the non profit sector. The point is that I can now interview anyone at anytime- being interviewed is a whole other story. Continue reading