Throwback Thursday- Songs from the 2000s I Will Never Remove from my iPod

open280My iPod is my pocket-size mood regulator. It’s constantly with me to ensure that no matter what situation I am in, there is a soundtrack to see me through. Even when I was a kid, I was the queen of mix BDs (yes, my generation was slightly after the mix-tap trend). Through wonderful, illegal websites like Kazza, Morpheus and Bear Share- I was able to be introduced to so many songs and artists. Yes, I know that artists suffered loss of profits but because of these sites I was able to deepen my appreciation of music for free. At least kids these days have Youtube.

200_sRight now my iPod is 32g, which gives me a ton of space to load up my eclectic music collection. When I need to relax at night, I organize my iTunes music library and create playlists based moods. When I’m feeling nostalgic, it’s time to turn on one of my ‘time era’ playlists. This includes the early years (90s), middle school drama (2000-2003), teen age angst (2004-2007) and college throwbacks (2008-2011). Each playlist brings back feelings that make the past super vivid. Some songs hold special memories of my favorite nights spent with people that are no longer in my life. Others remind me of the simple days of dancing around in my childhood bedroom, belting at the top of my lungs without the consideration of my parents or neighbors.

In honor of Throwback Thursday this week- here are some of my favorite 2000s songs that I will never delete from my iPod. And I guarantee after reading this list, you will be adding a few of these selections to your own library!  Continue reading

The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me

LockersIt’s not an unknown fact that the Muppets hold a special place in my heart. Probably more than the average twenty-five year old. My entire life, I’ve always been a huge fan of Jim Henson’s creatures- starting with my obsession with Fraggle Rock as a baby. There is photo of me sitting in my mini-rocking chair as a two-year old, starting at the Fraggle VHS playing on on our living room television. The tape that my mother would rewind multiple times day, playing that songs that most likely slowly drove her insane. Maybe that’s where my love of music, corniness and affinity to weirdos stemmed from- the subconscious messaging I was absorbing when my brain was the most pliable.

Not many people know this fact, but my love affair with New York City was started at age four when we rented Muppets Take Manhattan. It painted the illusion that anything can happen in that city- and made me want to live in lockers with Kermit’s friends. It was then I made the declaration I would live in NYC one day- to my amused parents. Little did the know 14 years later I actually would be (sans lockers).  Continue reading