Moving Right Along! Week 1 of #365in365

doallthethingsThe first post of 2015! Within 24 hours of publishing my insane list of 365 things I wanted to do in 365, I gave myself a panic attack. Honestly, not surprising. But then after a recommendation from a friend, I decided to break the list into things to accomplish each month month. Thankfully, that made things less overwhelming and my enthusiasm for the project was restored!

Here are the things I’ve been able to check off the list so far….

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A Brain-cation Weekend

photo (8)
The highly intelligent cat enjoyed her beauty sleep this weekend.

It was supposed to be one of those super productive weekends where by Sunday I felt completely ready for the week ahead. But instead the complete oppositeĀ happened. No matter how many times I sat down at the keyboard prepared to write, nothing would come out. I took it as a sign that my brain needed a break after working close to 50 hours last week, in addition to my freelance writing which only can be worked on at night. Finally after two ice coffees, and three hours spent grinding my teeth in disgust, I gave up trying for the day and took a brain-cation.

In the past year I’ve really become more interested in watching documentaries thanks to my Netflix subscription, and yesterday I was able to enjoy two new ones added for this month. Continue reading