Sanity or Self-Esteem?

As seen on Huffington Post, Published on 01/20/2013

resized_all-the-things-meme-generator-destroy-all-the-low-self-esteem-a760ebWhen I went in to see my dermatologist last week, I didn’t think I’d be reduced to tears by the end of appointment. Yes, I do have a slight phobia of doctors (my finger nails are usually bitten down to the numbs and I pop a prescribed Xanax or two), but this was going to be a breeze. I scheduled to see the doctor to get some medicine for my acne that has reared it’s ugly head once again (no pun intended).

After trying the topical prescription I already had, along with various face washes, nothing was helping it this time. I have dealt with acne in varying degrees for my entire life. It was bad this time, but my arsenal of cover up and concealer kept my confidence up. But it was still unsettling to see red cysts forming on my face, down my chin, as if it was leading to a trail magical trail down my face. Since I had the day off from work from the holiday and my insurance covered it, I made the appointment to get some magic pills or cream to ease my mind. Continue reading

Bullying is Much More Than Child’s Play

Originally seen on Huffington Post. Published 11/20/2010

images (2)Bullying may seem like child’s play to some adults or as just one of those areas that everyone goes through. With the recent outburst of cyberbullying, and teenage suicide deaths around the country, it is about time that people understand bullying is not just a kid thing; it’s a serious issue that can affect a person’s entire life. The act of bullying is based on the harsh words and actions against another person, for simply being in existence. The psychological impact of being ridiculed for just being ones self is devastating, especially to the development child, or young adult’s psyche.

Young people across the country are afraid to get an education because they are terrified of what flaw a classmate is going to pick apart on them today. Instead of learning about American history, or nurturing their passion in creative writing, victims are sitting in their desks, waiting for an ambush. Praying that they can survive till 3:00 p.m. without being noticed by anyone, that is how the victims of bullying spend their school day, 180 days a year. Continue reading