A 3 Year Career of Story Telling

I spent this afternoon looking at photos of people that I’ve covered over the years through video, photography and writing.  Having started my career at Gift of Life Donor Program, I had the fortune of honing my craft of interviewing individuals who have experienced life altering experiences. At Philabundance, I was able to explore the world of poverty and work each day to get the word out that there is no one face of hunger. At Good Shepherd Penn Parters, I am able to cover the inspirational stories of patients working to regain their mobility, their caregivers who support them, and the therapists that work tirelessly all for their patient. Since graduating college in 2011, I am lucky to have continuously help share incredible stories told by amazing people! Love non-profit life! When I wanted to be a writer growing up, I never knew my life would take this turn but it is so fulfilling and so inspiring! Take a look at some of the amazing people I’ve profiled over the years!

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Hump Day Round Up- 9/24

giphy (21)The week is half way over and I’m still trying to get myself together. After family emergency over the weekend, and a broke-down car on Monday- my beloved schedule that keeps me steady has been shot to hell. Let’s just say the internet and funny GIFS have been helping me not snap at everyone who enters my bubble this week.

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Tweet and Meet Friday 9/19

twitter-iconOne of the big appeals of Twitter is the instantaneous ability to connect. As a writer who mainly shares a twenty-something perspective, I’m always looking for others who cover similar topics, and can relate to my writing. My work will probably not appeal to a baby-boomer far removed from the days of quarter-life limbo, but will for those in the thick of the same conundrums.

When I come across writers whose words resonate with me, I’m always eager to explore their work. In a series of 140 character tweets, I can share their writing, sing their praises, and follow them to stay updated on their projects. It really is a great time to be a blogger right now!

Here are a few awesome writers I’ve connected with through Twitter in the last week that are worth adding to your feed! 

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Hump Day Round Up

Melted-ToyIt’s been one of those weeks where by Wednesday afternoon your brain resembles a melted toy solider left near the stove. That should paint a graphic image in your head to paint the picture of how this week is going so far. On the bright side, we live in the age of the ultimate pick me up- the internet.

Here are a few links that gave me reprieve between dashing between nonstop meetings and cleaning out my broken refrigerator (that included the groceries of my 4 other roommates). Check them out, and share what saved your sanity so far this week!

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Why You Shouldn’t Discount Your 23-Year-Old Social Media Manager

Originally seen on Huffington Post, Published 8/15/2012

TECH-GEEKSGUIDE-protecting-your-kids-online-525x375The 20s are not easy time in a person’s life, especially in an economy that has the stability of a house of cards. For the past three or four years, there have been countless books and studies focused on the plight of the millennials. My generation also is the first batch of young adults who can barely remember not having access to a computer or the Internet. Personally, I began learning to use a computer in kindergarten when my grandfather brought one home from work. School assignments were always completed in Microsoft Word, and I honestly cannot remember a time where I could not find an academic answer online. By the fifth grade, I won the award for best Powerpoint presentation, not realizing how crucial that tool would be in my adulthood. Needless to say, technology has always been in my life and has been adapted to each section. Personally, I use it to connect with friends and for entertainment. Professionally, it has become my career as a social media manager. Continue reading